Tourism and Development 2017: Active & Sports Tourism: Feel the freedom of water
29th November – 1st December 2017, Brežice, Slovenia

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Libertas International University, Zagreb, Croatia

Libertas International University is a modern international higher education institution based in Zagreb, Croatia, and carrying out its programmes programs in several other Croatian cities (Dubrovnik, Kutina, Poreč). It consists of four faculties (International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business and Economics, Film and Performing Arts, Health Sciences) and a Business School offering various study programmes. It is a unique private university in Croatia offering programmes at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels of higher education. In addition to Croatian students, Libertas University has educated students from 29 countries worldwide, and considered applications from even more. Additionally, Libertas maintains two important centres, one for international cooperation and student/staff exchange, and one for science and research.

Due to its commitment and an outstanding staff selection, and by adopting the most up-to-date forms and methods of teaching, the university educates professionals who are ready to take the leading roles in diplomacy, business, tourism and hotel management, film and theatre, health, sports management, business security, and academia.

Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor, Brežice, Slovenia

The Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor was founded in 2009 as a result of the synergy of the Strategic Regional Development Plan of the Posavje Region, great support of regional and national tourist industry and need for new, practice-and-knowledge oriented tourism studies in Slovenia. The Faculty has put together a team of leading experts, excellent instructors and renowned researchers following the latest developments in the tourist industry and integrating these practices into the educational process.

Faculty of Sport and Tourism, Novi Sad, Serbia

Faculty of Sport and Tourism was founded in 2004 in Novi Sad as an independent educational institution. Today it is part of the Educons University. In order to be a place of encounter and exchange of ideas in the field of sport and tourism, the concept of the Faculty of Sport and Tourism is based on scientific research in these fields. In the field of tourism, scientific research is focused on wellness and spa tourism, activities of the elderly, local and regional development from the perspective of quality of life and contemporary management of information systems.

Seeing as the Faculty has been a hub for various types of research the results of which could be of aid to the industry, but also of interest to the wider circles of colleagues and professional public, an idea of creating an event that would gather all those interested in similar topics was born. At the scientific conference, project and research results were presented, as well as research ideas converged around the central theme of the event. This idea was quickly recognised by the partner institutions, Faculty of Tourism in Brežice and Libertas University from Zagreb, who offered partnership and expressed the desire to host the events in the future, which resulted in the conference rotating hosts on an annual basis: Novi Sad, Brežice and Zagreb.

About Us

Conference Tourism and Development is organized by three partners, Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor, Faculty of Sport and Tourism of the Educons University and Libertas Business School.

This year, the conference is hosted by the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor!



29th November -  1st -December 2017, Brežice, Slovenia



University of Maribor, Faculty of Tourism
Cesta prvih borcev 36
8250 Brežice, Slovenia


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Author: Klemen Turšič